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Icon Definitions

weuflagWestern European Union Military Member euflagEuropean Union Member
auflagAfrican Union Member auflagNorth American Union Member(NAU) - 2010?
unflagThe United Nations israelflagIsrael
antichristcrownThe Anti-Christ vaticanflagThe Vatican-Whore of Revelation?
theamerocoinThe Amero-Currency for the (NAU) verichipThe Veri-Chip
rfidchipRadio Frequency Identification Device(RFID) Chip peacedoveThe 7 Year Peace Treaty with Israel
highwayThe NAFTA Super-Highway chinadragonChina
bearRussia baldeagleThe United States of America
nuclearexplosionArmageddon-The Day of the Lord God Almighty earthreligionlogosUnited Religions Initiative-(URI)